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Young Writers Tea

Young Writers Tea

Young Writers Tea

Young Writers Tea

JM Tennis

Stepping into Spring 5K

State Wrestling Tournament

OVAC All Stars

Marshall County Historical Society

Flurrys Egg Hunt Preview

National School Breakfast Week

Music In Our School Month

Archery States Students

Mamma Mia Preview

Marshall County Ham and Cheese Sale

Inclusion on Ice Final

Queen of Queens

queen of queens latest.png
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The event was held at the John Marshall Center for Performing Arts and was open to the public.

The 10 senior girls that competed were Maria Evans, Kieremy Riggle, Emma Felton, Pearl Chambers, Faith Wachter, Rebekah Clark, Khole Trussell, Madelyn Cisar, Grey Woods and Lauren Riggenbach.

Each girl competed in three categories which included interview, talent, and poise and presentation.

The contestants were grateful to have the support of family and friends 

"it meant a lot because showing that they cared for me and that they really wanted to support me and cheer for me meant a lot and it really pushed my performance throughout the entire night." 

At the end of the night awards were given out.

Emma Felton was voted Miss Congeniality by the other contestants.

Madelyn Cisar was selected Second Runner-Up.

Khloe Trussel earned First Runner-Up.

And Lauren Riggenbach was crowned  the 2023 John Marshall High School Queen of Queens

Riggenbach feels honored to win and represent her school.  
"It meant a lot because I was working hard for it just like all the other contestants and all my family and friends came out to watch me and I really wanted to do a good job and perform really well for my school so I was really honored that I was chosen to be the new Queen of Queens cause it was really exciting." 

Riggenbach will compete in the OVAC Queen of Queens pageant on Thursday, July 20th at the capitol Theatre in Wheeling.

Reporting from John Marshall I'm Karson Ebert with WJMH Reports
Thanks Karson.

The OVAC Queen of Queens will be crowned during the 77Th annual Rudy Mumley All-Star Football Classic on Saturday, July 22nd 

WJMH Media will broadcast the game, along with the crowning, on

You can also watch a replay of the 2023 John Marshall Queen of Queens on our You Tube page.

Girls Lacrosse Preview

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On the last episode of W-J-M-H Reports we talked about Monarchs boys' lacrosse.  

Here are some events for Monarchs girls' lacrosse to look out for. 

The teams first match will be hosted on March 15th against Wheeling Park... 

Then they will take on Preston on April 1st...  

On April 4th, they will travel to take on University... 

They will still be on the road as they face Saint Albans on April 6th... 

Then they will go against Buckhannon-Upshur at home on April 21st. 

 On the next episode of W-J-M-H Reports, find out more about Monarch tennis. 

Softball Preview

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Another upcoming sport is girls softball.

The girls varsity softball team will hold it's first game on March 20th at the JM Softball field against University High School.

The game will start at 5 pm.

Then on March 22nd, the team will travel to Brooke High School for its first away game.

That game will begin at 6 pm.
You can keep an eye out for more softball events by listening to the morning announcements or going to the athletics tab on the John Marshall website.


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"LOOK" is returning to John Marshall High for its third installment with guest speaker George "Tyrus" Murdoch.

 The presentation will take place on Tuesday, March 21st, in the John Marshall Center for Performing Arts from 5:30 pm until 7:00 pm.

Tyrus will cover topics on how to overcome childhood difficulties such as bullying and being the bully, as well as ways a mentor can improve a childs life and where to seek professional help.

The presentation will be free and open to the public.

Local Fish Fry

local fish fry.png
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The Season of Lent is upon us and whether you celebrate or not you can always enjoy the great, local food.

Parishioner of Saint John's Anthony Polsinelli loves this time of year to cook homemade food for people to enjoy.  
"Favorite part is to see people come over here and enjoy the fish that we cook and other product which is homemade that we sell here." 

Local fish fries take place every Friday during lent.

These include Saint John church in Benwood from 11 am to 5 pm.

Saint Jude church in Glen Dale from 11 am to 6 pm.

Saint Alphonsus church in Wheeling from 11 am to 6 pm.

The Stone Church Volunteer Fire Department from 4 pm to 7 pm.

Limestone Community Center from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

There are many more local fish frys throughout the Ohio Valley.

Keep an eye on your local organizations for more information.

Palette to pen

palette to pen.png
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The Strand Theatre is getting ready to host Palette to Pen, which is a painting and creative writing class for individuals 55 and up.

Each participant will create a group instruction painting during weeks 1 through 4 which will serve as the inspiration for the creative writing project during weeks 5 through 8.

Secretary of the Strand Theatre Preservation Society Board, Roberta Underdonk expresses why its important for people to attend.
"Its an outreach to the senior citizens of the community, and it continues expressions of art and literature." 
Palette To Pen will be held at the Strand Theatre Monday through Friday from March 7th through May 2nd at 6 pm to 7:15 pm.

There will be a 10 Dollar session for weeks one through four and another $10 session fee for weeks five through eight.

If you would like to register you can go to the Strand Theatres website at or call the Senior Citizen's Center at 304-845-8200.

Central Sisters

central sisters.png
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The Central Sisters Career Fair is back for 2023.

The all-female event is being held March 25th in Moundsville at Central Elementary.

The fair is being presented by the 5th graders at Central and high school students from John Marshall.

The event will showcase females in a variety of occupations, Allyson Varlas expresses why she believes it important for young women to participate.
"Because it opens up their eyes to a world of possibilities, that their able to have, whether it's, um a degree driven career, going to college, or trade school, or going into the work force."  

If you have any questions call Central Elementary at 304-843-4425

Staff Recognition-Mr. Anderson

staff recognition.png
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This week's John Marshall staff we would like to recognize is Eddie Anderson. 

As a part of the science department at John Marshall his classes consist of zoology and environmental science and has been working at John Marshall for four years. 

He strives to make his classes interesting and interactive for students.  

Anderson wants to remind his students there is more to school than just academics.

"Just live life, have fun, be smart, be kind and just enjoy it, because you only get one shot at it."

Along with being a teacher in the school Anderson is also an assistant football coach.  

This year was his first year as an assistant coach. 

Steel Drum Band

steel drum.png
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The John Marshall steel drum band has been selected to play at the West Virginia Music Educators Association Conference at the Charleston Civic Center on March 3rd. 

This is the fifth time John Marshalls been selected as part of X Honor Ensemble.

They are one of just 3 schools selected to play.

The band submitted different songs to a panel of judges and needed to score a 90 to qualify. 

The group posted scores of 99, 92, and 96.

John Marshall Steel Drum Band Member Cameron Anderson believes this honor is well deserved.

"It feels really good, especially after how much work we've put in and you know, the time and the effort and I feel like we're doing pretty good this year and its well deserved, we put our time in, I'm excited."
Joining Anderson for the performance was Mikayla Kazemka, Ricky Robinson, Megan Gary, Joey Armstrong, Karly Minch, Jude Thomas, Rebekah Clark, Sydney Gray, Pearl Chambers, Tori Dixon, and Lizzy Howard. 

If you're interested in seeing the band perform, on March 18th in the JMHS Gym, they'll hold their annual Steel Band Concert. 

Baseball Preview

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The team's first home will be on March 16th as they face University... 

Then they will travel to Morgantown on March 22nd... 

On April 5th, they will go to Wheeling Park to take on the Patriots... 

There will be a round robin that will be hosted by John Marshall against Indian Creek and Bridgeport on April 8th... 

Then on April 25th they will take on Parkersburg South also at home. 

Dolly's Imagination Library

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 There is an opportunity for children to get free books in Marshall County.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library is a book gifting program for kids from birth to five years old.

Any child in the U-S can sign up if there is a local sponsor. 

Marshall County's local sponsor is the June Harless Center at Marshall University.

To check if your children are eligible, you can go to Imagination Library dot com.  

Again, that's Imagination Library dot com.   

Moundsville's Got Talent

moundsvills got talent.png
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The Strand Theatre is preparing for a big annual event...

Moundsville's Got Talent!
This will be the fourth annual Moundsville's Got Talent, and after many auditions the strand has selected six very talented acts.

You can keep an eye on the Strands website for more information about the acts

This event will take place on March 11th at seven p-m with doors opening at six thirty p-m.

Tickets will be available at the door for 10 dollars for students, 12 dollars for adults, and children under five get in free.

For more information on contestants or to purchase tickets online you can head to the Strands website at strandtheatre

Prom Boutique

prom boutique.png
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  On the last episode W-J-M-H Reports we interviewed Janel Armstrong about the Prom Boutique... a pop-up shop at John Marshall for students to get anything they may need for prom. 

The shop will open to students on March 8th, and will be open during mornings and lunch periods on Wednesdays in the old wrestling room. 

The boutique is also accepting donations of prom dresses, jewelry, shoes, and men's suits and shoes. 

Donations are being accepted until March 6th. 

If you have any donations for the prom boutique you can contact the main office or email Janel Armstrong at

February CTE Month

cte month.png
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Career and Technical Education programs have helped be a useful tool in providing students with future career experience and knowledge. 

These programs have been helping students since the late 1800s, at which point, they were mostly centered on agriculture and machine-based jobs. 

As CTE has grown over the years more and more classes have been created to offer more experiences such as medical and educational jobs.  

More schools have opened these programs as CTE has grown in popularity from its early years. 

Marshall County is one of these districts as it has been providing students with these opportunities since its inception in 1969. 

Marshall County Schools Career and Technical Education Director Bob Wilson believes C-T-E is important because it can offer both a career and a backup plan for students. 

"It gives students skill sets that they can take into the workplace or into the college arena if they decide to go that route. Its really the backbone of our country, the trades, a driving force in our economy." 

 Marshall County schools provide students with many different programs depending on what the student plans to do with their future. 

Programs such as Nursing, Prostart, Education, Business, and more are offered to students. 

Prostart Educator Susanne Cubick feels it's important for students to be involved in CTE programs to see what's available to them.  

"Especially if your not going to college, there are programs and apprenticeships and jobs out there that you can be successful in without a college degree."  

 CTE programs give students a new way to learn with hands on activities and experiences. 

These programs allow students to take control of their work and work out problems on their own.  

Plant Science CTE student Patricia Ward feels students benefit more from these experiences than regular classrooms. 

"CTE programs, they teach you about life and real experiences and situations and your teachers step back and let you figure that out for yourself, and I feel that's really important in life" 

 These programs are offered to incoming juniors every year with a "CTE Showcase" where CTE teachers and students present how their programs work. 

This year's showcase takes place on March tenth. 

After this showcase juniors are encouraged to sign up for the Program of their choice. 

Reporting from John Marshall High school I'm Charlie Pergram with WJMH Media. 

 Thank you, Charlie. 

John Marshall will also be hosting its third year of its CTE summer camp from June first through the second. 

Stay tuned to WJMH Media for more details on this event. 

Night to Shine

night to shine.png
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The Ohio Valley Night To Shine will be held on February 10th, at the Moundsville Center, from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Night to Shine is a prom night experience, for people with special needs ages 14 and older.

It will be celebrating its ninth anniversary as thousands around the world will come together to honor those with disabilities.

Every guest will enter this event and will receive royal treatment, including hair and makeup stations, shoe shinning stations, limousine rides, karaoke room, catered dinner and more.

The highlight of the night comes when everyone of the Night to Shine guests is crowned prom king or queen of the prom. 

Grand View Hiring Event

grand view.png
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Are you looking to make some money and stay busy over the summer? 

If that's you Grandview Park is the place for you with multiple job opportunities.

The job fair will be held on February 13th and the 16th from 3 PM till 6 PM then on March 12th from noon to 4 PM.

It will be held in the banquet hall at Grandview.

There are many open positions in the park such as being a lifeguard in there new pool, serving ice cream at flurry's or handing our clubs at mini golf, can also work in housekeeping or maintenance around the park, zipline guide at there adventure park.

You can also Referee Paintball in the parks newest paintball course.  

For more information you can call at 304-845-9810 or you can go to

Adult Education Classes

adult education classes.png
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Whether you want to take the high school equivalency test or learn a new skill, Marshall County Schools has a class for you.  

 A welding class at John Marshall High School started in January in room 122. 

Participants of this class learn shop safety, welding procedures, and maybe some life skills too.  

John Marshall Welding Instructor, Jayson Summers teaches this course and believes this class is important to show there is a job out there for everyone.      

"It don't have to be welding, it just has to be learning to go to work, do your job, and contributing to the community, you know, you wanna contribute by going to work."  

In addition to welding, you can sign up for classes to prepare for the ASVAB, high school equivalency test, college readiness, or tech school.

These general classes are free to sign up for and attend. 

Reporting from John Marshall High School, I'm Joleigh Young. 

  Thanks, Joleigh... though the welding class has already started, you can still sign up for Home Repair which starts on March 15th, 2023. 
To sign up for any of these classes or for more information, you can call (304) 845-7890. 

OVAC Wrestling Recap

ovac wrestling recap.png
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Other placers include Klypsan Wallace, who took second place in the 165 weight class with the final score of four to three... 

And Ethan Cook who is now an OVAC Champion in the 126 weight class with the final score of two to one. 

Cook believes his faith in himself along with support from his team helped him win the championship.
"It instilled like a lot of self believe, like teammates tell me I can do it, coaches tell me I can do it, so it just made me even that more motivate me to win the title" 

As a team, John Marshall Placed 4th overall in the OVAC tournament. 

Cameron High School also had wrestlers participate in the tournament. 

This includes sophomore, Slaton Pettit who placed 6th in the 126 weight class... 

Junior, Ashton Hoge who placed 5th in the 144 weight class... 

And Senior, Adam Angel who placed 2nd in the 175 weight class. 

OVAC Swimming Recap

ovac swim recap.png
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 Also OVAC Swimming championship just took place last month.

This event was held at Brooke.

From John Marshall, Victoria Kidney placed first in 200 individual medley and the 100 backstroke

Kidney believes that this will boost her confidence and hopefully make her a state champion.
"I think it gives me a lot of confidence going into regionals and states, that I can improve  my time, and potentially come with a state title  " 

Kidney also set records at the Region one Championship and is set to swim in the West Virginia State Championships in Morgantown beginning Thursday, February 16th. 

Along with Kidney, who will be participating in the 100 butterfly, 200 medley relay, 100 back stroke, and 200 freestyle relay, JM seniors Sierra Taylor, Sydney Hess, and Maddie Behm will swim several races.

Also joining the Monarchs State Swim Team is sophomore Maitlyn Miller and freshman Wyatt Jefferson.

Inclusion on Ice

inclusion on ice.png
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Augusta Levy Learning Center is partnering with Easterseals Rehabilitation Center for the community event Inclusion on Ice.

Director of Development and Communications, Jessica Ozzmanski expresses why it's important for the kids to participate. 

 "It allows them to have those interactions with their peers, that their peers can do every day, um and it allows them to- to be on the same... you know on the same level."   

  The Event will be held at the Wheeling Park Memorial Ice Rink from 1 to 3 p.m. on March 12. 

It will include, free admission and skate rental, free refreshments, adaptive equipment, skating with the Nailers, and sensory activities. 

Senior Marin on Survivor


Jesus Marin, a Spanish teacher at John Marshall, has made his audition for Survivor.

Marin, a fan of the show, has set it as a personal goal to try to get on, and believes that his social skills could help him if he were to make it on. 

While wanting to make it on the show and go far in the competition, Marin has a much larger goal in mind.

"One of the main goals is to spread awareness to be your authentic self, so I want everyone to understand that you can be whoever you want, all we need is respect and to love each other" 
Marin, who's known around the school for his personality and never shying away from being himself, wants to advocate for people to do the same. 

We would like to wish Senor Marin the best of luck on his mission to make it onto Survivor.

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Business and Health expo.

buisieness and health expo.png
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 The business and health expo has been going on for over 15 years. 

It is an annual event that helps vendors and sponsors connect with people around the Ohio Valley.

Executive director of the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce Scott Reager is excited for this events 17th year showcasing businesses and organizations around Marshall County.
"I think the exposure that you get to the public um because there's just so much traffic flow over there we have a food court over there, we have mascots we actually are having Avon Coeburn who's the WVU leading rusher come this year and sign some autographs its just a way to get out to network other businesses and to showcase what they have" 
For more information you can call 304-845-2773.

If you would like to become a vendor you can go to the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce website at

Staff Recognition-Mr. Gary

mr gary.png

 As we mentioned last episode we are going to start recognizing a staff member of John Marshall High School who goes above and beyond for their students.   

This week we are featuring Josh Gary who has been a teacher at John Marshall for 19 years.

He teaches A-P European History and US Studies Comprehensive for Sophomores, and A-P and Dual Credit US Government for seniors.

Gary wants to help show kids that there's more to school then just getting an education.
"You want to make sure that your students are becoming involved in the community you want to make sure your students are becoming good citizens and you want to make sure that your students are learning real world issues." 
Along with teaching his regular classes he is a Sophomore class advisor, the Y-L-A advisor, helps with the A-P program, and he is the president of the local teachers union.


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Marshall County Science Fair

science fair.png
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 The Marshall County Science Fair was recently held at the John Marshall Field House.

The students who participated in the fair were from the Marshall county schools including Cameron High School, Sherrard Middle School, and Moundsville Middle School.  

Sherrard Middle School principal Jason Marling believes its important to to participate in science fairs because it helps students learn new skills.
"I think the students were given a start on presentation skills and investigation of scientific method, its a research project so its a lot of value." 

The annual Competition featured 29 projects from 30 students in sixth through eighth grade.

Sherrard middle schools Sixth Grader Drew Marling placed as the overall winner at the science fair.
Students who placed first in their category at the Science Fair are eligible to represent their school at the annual West Liberty University Regional Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 11th, at the West Liberty University Highlands Center. 


Queen of Queens

queen of queens.png
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JM students that need extra help in a math class can attend math tutoring.

Math tutoring is during school, after school, and on Saturday school.

John Marshall Math Teacher Angela Chamberlin expresses the importance of asking for help in the future.

"So, if you are struggling in an area now and don't know how to ask for help then you can see how the help can be reciprocated for you so in the future it would be easier to ask for help instead of struggling" 

If you want to get the extra help during school, math tutoring will be held fourth period in room 350 and fifth period in room 312.

Cinderella Project

coming soon.jpg
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The Cinderella Project presented by the Ladies League of Marshall County is back for 20-23 to help young women get ready for prom.
It will be held at Calvary United Methodist Church in Moundsville on February 18th from 10 am to 3 pm.

There will be free prom dresses, shoes, accessories and more for any John Marshall or Cameron girls.

4H Scholarship

coming soon.jpg
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 Applications for the Charles Ralph Dague Marshall County 4-H Award Scholarship are now open.

The scholarship is for any student who is a Marshall County resident while also a member of a Marshall County 4-H club, who plans on attending a 2 year, 4 year, or trade school. 

Applicants will have to submit a personal essay and letters of recommendation from one teacher and one youth program adult leader.

Applications for this scholarship will close March 31st

To check out this, or to apply for even more 4-H scholarships, you can visit 

Kindergarten Registration

kindergarten red.png
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  Marshall County's kindergarten registrations for the 20-23 to 20-24 school year are now available.  

Here is some information you will need if you want to register your child. 

For your child to be eligible to sign up, they must be five years of age before July first 20-23, any child younger or with a birthday after this date will not be eligible. 

At the screening, school personnel will conduct health screenings and a brief readiness test for each child.  

They must have their immunization records up to date. 

If your child needs their immunizations, you can call your family physician or the Marshall County Health Department for Vaccination Clinic schedules.  

Here's the kindergarten screening schedule. 

Cameron Elementary's screening will be on February twenty-third and Center McMechen's on February twenty-eighth. 

McNinch Primary's screenings will be held on both March ninth and tenth and Sand Hill Elementary's on March fourteenth. 

 The last screening will be at Washington Lands Elementary on March sixteenth. 

For more information on how to register your child for kindergarten, you can contact the school you would like your child to attend.  
A complete list of required immunizations and phone numbers is on the Marshall County School website  at 
To schedule an appointment for vaccinations at the Marshall County Health Department, you can call 304-845-7840. 

Math Tutoring

math tutoring.png
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JM students that need extra help in a math class can attend math tutoring.

Math tutoring is during school, after school, and on Saturday school.

John Marshall Math Teacher Angela Chamberlin expresses the importance of asking for help in the future.

"So, if you are struggling in an area now and don't know how to ask for help then you can see how the help can be reciprocated for you so in the future it would be easier to ask for help instead of struggling" 

If you want to get the extra help during school, math tutoring will be held fourth period in room 350 and fifth period in room 312.

Pickle Ball

pickle ball.png
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Pickle ball has gained popularity all over the world, including right here in the Ohio Valley. 

Even though pickle ball is in favor of the senior communities, a lot of kids have given this sport a chance, and some kids appreciate it. 

East End has recently open up brand new pickle ball courts in Moundsville. 

The City of Moundsville Parks and Recreation director, John White, says that once it starts warming up, people that are not from Moundsville will come down to play pickle ball and be passionate about doing tournaments as well. 

"We got people from out of the area that's come in and interested in doing some tournaments.  

They have group chats where they meet, play, and expand. 

At this time, it being in the winter it cool out to play, they go to the Highlands, but in the Spring and Summer they'll come back to play here, and we are excited about the pickle ball courts"  

Pickle ball can be difficult to learn. 

Here are some rules that can help you play better. 

You must keep the ball inbounds...

There must be one bounce per side...

You must serve at the baseline...

Your serve can not land in the no-volley zone...

And the game can end at 11, 15, or 21 points.
If you need equipment to play pickle ball, go to Four Seasons pool to borrow their equipment.

There is no cost in admission to borrow their equipment.

Moundsville Pharmacy

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The Moundsville Pharmacy is now offering COVID test kits for free with up to 8 per month.

You also have the option to test at the Pharmacy, which is also free of charge.

The testing times are Monday through Friday, from 9 a-m to 6 p-m, and Saturday from 9 a-m to 1 p-m.

Test results are provided within 12 to 48 hours.

Amber Conrad at Moundsville Pharmacy stresses the importance of testing and taking necessary steps to prevent COVID.

"West Virginia Medicate is actually covering two at home COVID test kits every seven days, so every week patients can get those, and it's important that our community still test and make sure that they're taking the necessary precautions"

If you or a loved have symptoms or may think they have COVID, contact the Moundsville Pharmacy's phone number at 304-845-0390.

PreK Registration

prek registration.png
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Pre-K registration for the 2023 to 2024 school year is open to new students.  

Here is some information you need if you want to register your child.  

To be eligible for Pre-K your child must be the age of four before July first, any child younger or with a birthday after this date will not be eligible for this year. 

They must have their immunization record up to date and you must bring their state certified birth certificate to the screening. 

Screening  will take place on Monday, February 20th and the make up day is on March 8th. 

Screenings are held at McNinch Primary and Cameron, Center McMechen, Glen Dale, Hilltop, and Washington Lands elementary schools. 

For more information on how to register your child for pre-k you can contact the school you would like your child to attend.  

A complete list of phone numbers and required immunizations is on the Marshall County Schools website at 

Art Exhibition Preview

art exhibition.png
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Oglebay Institute will be hosting the 34th Annual Regional Student Art Exhibition now through February 10th.  

High school students from around the tri-state area submitted hundreds of pieces to be judged for a chance for the public to see their artistic achievements.

Winners were awarded with cash prizes and scholarships to major universities.  
The categories included are paintings, photography, drawings and 3-D pieces.  

The event will be held at the Stifel Fine Arts Center in Wheeling with free admission. 

The show will be open Monday through Fridays from nine AM to five PM and from 10 AM to four PM on Saturday's leading up until the final date.  

Evening hours may vary due to classes and special events, so please call ahead for evening hours.  

For more information, you can visit their website at or call the Stifel Fine Arts Center at 304-242-7700. 

Mental Health Awareness Month

mental health awareness month.png
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 January is Mental Wellness Awareness Month. 

While mental health is the focus of this month, it's important that you manage your mental wellness throughout the rest of the year as well. 

Enlighten Health Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Schreiber stresses the importance of mental health because it affects everyone. 

"Mental health is important because millions of Americans struggle with mental health disorders, and not just Americans mental health problems are pervasive and persistent across the world." 

 If you feel you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, you can try and reach out to your local support group or schedule an appointment with your therapist or doctor. 

Four Seasons Pool

four seasons pool.png
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Four Seasons Pool and Fitness Center is a indoor pool located at East End Park in Moundsville.

Since the pool is indoors, its open year-round and holds events such as, water aerobics class, adult and senior swim, private pool parties, as well as open swim periods. It is also home to John Marshall state finalist swim team.

Pool Manager Heath Logsdon believes being open year round is what separates his pool from the rest in the area. 

"Being indoor we are able to provide people with pool parties on the weekend, during the winter time which is the only place around and the JM Swim team and kayak club" 
The only part of the pool closed during winter is the outside part of the newly introduced splash pad. 

If you're interested in finding any events going on or scheduling your own you can go to, or call 304-845-7733.


Parade Theme Announced

parade theme announced.png
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The Marshall County Chamber of Commerce announced that the Christmas Parade Theme this year is "The Joys of Christmas." The winning entry was submitted by Hilltop Elementary School first grade student Joey Hodge. He won a $100 cash prize, and the Chamber will give Joey's classmates a pizza party in his honor.  He will also be recognized by being in the parade on Saturday, November 19th, at two o'clock pm in Moundsville. If you can't attend the event, and wish to watch, WJMH Media will be broadcasting this on our YouTube page. 

Shepards Pantry

shepards pantry.png
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Shepherds Pantry in Marshall County is a group of volunteers who work together to collect donations for the people of Marshall County. 

Shepherds Pantry is always looking for volunteers and donations to help others in the area.

Whether it's food, clothes or when they collected toys during the Christmas season, members work their hardest to make sure others can collect the basic needs to live through the year.

Shepherds Pantry board member, Mary Tennent recognizes that there are other ways some can assist in donations.
"Some people just, you know, don't know what to do and they write a check and we do the shopping and that always works too."
Shepherds Pantry needs help year round and you can donate clothes and food.

If you or anyone you know is planning to clean out your closet, consider taking what you wanted to get rid of to Shepherds Pantry. MAKE A DONATION Drop off days: Tuesday and Wednesday Mornings
You can drop off donations on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, or make a phone call to Shepherds Pantry if unavailable those times. 

The Shepherds Pantry house is on the corner of sixth and Jefferson in Moundsville.

Members ask you to not to leave donations on the porch but rather go to the door around the back of the house and let a member know you are there.

Christies Cakes

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Christie's Cakes offers many desserts from her pumpkin swirl cheesecake to her strawberry margarita cake, being some of her most popular cakes. 

Owner of Christie's Cakes, Christie Johnson got her passion for baking from her late grandmother. 

  "When she passed away, I took all her baking tips and finally about 2 years ago I decided to start using those, and I just kinda started, it's my passion, I just enjoy baking."  
If you would like to order a dessert from Christie's Cakes you can call 304-280-3083. 

Avoiding Boredom in Bad Weather

bad weather boredom.png
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With the winter months quickly approaching, staying inside is a must, but it might be hard to keep yourself busy, so here are some ways to stay in a good headspace...

Playing board games is the best way to spend time with your friends and family and occupy yourself at the same time.  

Learning a new skill like baking or painting can give you a new hobby to show off. 

Another thing to do is catch up on reading your favorite book or maybe even find a book you haven't read before.   

And finally...planning a summer vacation will definitely keep you from thinking about the bad weather because you'll be too busy being excited for the incoming good weather.  

Toy Drive

toy drive.png
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Marshall County Chamber of Commerce is holding their Toy Drive throughout the month of November this year.

Marshall County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Scott Reager is happy to be able to continue this event once again.
"You can actually make somebody's Christmas by just giving them one gift, so we're excited to help celebrate, and all of our toys get donated to the Marshall County caring tree" 

If you would like to donate you can drop a toy off at the Chamber Office throughout the month of November.

Gift a Grandparent

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 The Marshall County FRN, Moundsville Rotary Club, and Sharon Welsch are bringing joy to local seniors in the community with Gift a Grandparent. 

Donations made to Gift a Grandparent will be given too residents in local long term care facilities who are without family or friends to bring them gifts. 

Residents will receive a full size Nourishing Shea Hand Cream and a full size Mint Bliss Lotion for Foot and Legs as well as items donated by the Marshall County FRN.

Also included will be, a pair of socks, candy and other assorted items. 
The price to donate is $30. 

To donate or make a purchase contact Sharon Welsch via email at or call 304-843-1443.

Deadlines for orders is November 19, 2022.  

All gifts will be delivered the week before Christmas. 

Craft Fair

craft fair.png
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  Every Year John Marshall High School holds a Craft Fair for local artisans to sell their products and get their business out there to the public. 

From homemade baked goods to handmade items and trinkets, the Craft Fair has something for everyone.  

Along with being great for the community and artists, the craft fair benefits the FFA and TSA groups here at JMHS.     

FFA Advisor, Nicole Shipman feels the event is perfect for people to find gifts for their loved ones.  

 "It's just a great day to get out with your family and friends to a free event, there is no admission charge, and really explore what's available to shop locally for Christmas."  

If you wish to sign up as a vendor you can email

There are 2 types of tables you can get, it is $30 for a table in the hallway and $50 for a table in the cafeteria. 

It is first come first serve and the event usually holds over 1 hundred vendors.  

If you would like to attend the Craft Fair it will be held on Saturday November 12th from 9 am to 3 pm at John Marshall High School. 

There is no entry fee required to attend. 

There will also be a concession stand open for shoppers and vendors alike. 

Again all proceeds from the event help the John Marshall TSA and FFA groups. 

Funds go toward future events and trips for the members. 

MCSC Trunk or Treat

trunk or treat.png
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On October 22nd kids from the Marshall County Soccer Club got to dress up and go trunk or treating with cars decorated by their coaches, family, and friends.  

This is the third year for this event and President of the Marshall County Soccer Club Brian Yoho is happy to see this event continue to grow throughout the years. 

"It started as a decorate a small goal on the field and then very quickly grew out of that and now we're using a whole parking lot to do this."  

  There was also a prize given to the best decorated car. 

The child of the first place car got the opportunity to be able to play the spring season for free. 

For more information or to sign up your child for the spring season you can go to

Election Day

election day.png
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"Its very important you make yourself heard, if you do not go and vote when the elections happen other people are making the choice for you." 
Early voting for this election has begun.

You can participate in early voting at the Marshall County Courthouse Monday through Friday from 8-30 am to 4:30 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm now through November 4th. 

If you wish to find your registration status or polling place, you can visit, then go to the elections tab.

Sunday Brunch

sunday brunch.png
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 Sunday Brunch is a get together at the Palace of Gold.

These brunches are held with managements support and include live music, fresh food and more.

Many people attend the event, which gives the opportunity to smell freshly bloomed roses, dance to live music, and eat freshly prepared food.

M sing enjoys the event because it's a great time to get to come together to talk and have a good time with others. 

 "I like the brunch because, it's in a beautiful place like the rose garden.

 The roses are blooming, there's live music, and it's on a Sunday morning.
It's just the perfect time to do something like that, something a little bit different."
You can support the event by attending and bringing foods or snacks to help, or bringing board games to play.

You can learn more about the Palace of Gold and there events on its website at

 On the website you can find out more information on how to support them or any upcoming events.

MAAS Training

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He studied exercise science at Capital University, before taking on a graduate assistant roll at Kent State University. 

And after another stint at W-V-U, Ging was able to land a job within the Marlins Organization.

Ging believes the exposure of information from his multiple stops, is what separates him from other trainers.
"It's experience and education, I've been all over the country with different strength coaches and learned from and took something away from. "  

Along with giving young people a great opportunity to get better and learn, Ging also offers limited summer internships.

This gives a chance for someone going into athletic training to learn from him, and gain work experience.

Since returning to the Valley, Ging has seen his gym grow, and was able to move into his own building this year, instead of sharing a gym space.

He was also able to add an assistant to his staff.

Assistant trainer Jacquelyn Hayes values her opportunity to impact someone's life 
"Making a impact in people's lives, making them see the joy in working out and starting a good lifestyle."  

The main focus at MAAS is to help whoever workouts there as much as possible, while also educating on the exercises, they'll also give insight on recovery and nutrition.

They're able to personalize every workout for the gym members.

If you know someone who would be interested in joining MAAS, you can call 740-310-3709.

Driving Safety In Bad weather

driving saftey in bad weather.png
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As the weather starts to change there becomes more hazards on the roads

Tips to be mentally prepared for this include... making sure you are paying attention to the road, keeping distractions inside low, don't be on your phone or messing with the radio.   

WV Division of Highway Engineer Tony Clark feels this, along with managing your time, can help you during bad weather. 

"Give yourself extra few minutes take your time wherever you have to go leave a few extra minutes early that way you don't have to drive as fast and feel as rushed " 

 Some tips to get your car prepared include...

Making sure all your tires have proper air pressure in them.

Checking the tread to make sure its still good.

And depending on where you are driving winter tires.

You can also get studded tires.

There are suggested items you should keep in your car during the winter months such as a blanket, food, jumper cables, and a flashlight.

In case your car breaks down.

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